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Gorgeous waterfronts that make up the jewel of Texas

An affluent area with a number of thriving businesses, Clear Lake is located within parts of Harris and Galveston County, Texas. The area is made up of several bodies of water, including its namesake, Clear Lake, as well as Taylor Lake, Clear Creek, and Galveston Bay.

As Clear Lake makes up a number of areas within Texas, it can be difficult to pinpoint one particular style of life for the residents within. For example, the super-neighborhood of Clear Lake Houston is a very different place from Clear Lake Pasadena, with the former nearly doubling the latter in terms of population (43,000 to 20,000, respectively). Clear Lake Houston also has a substantial Asian-American population, which contributes to the area’s ethnic and cultural interests.

The lake for which the area is named is home to one of the largest collections of recreational seafaring vehicles within the United States, and many festivals and events take place within the area. These include the Blessing of the Fleet boat parade in Kemah, which celebrates the area’s history of shrimp fishing, and the Gulf Coast Film Festival, which showcases the works of local independent filmmakers each year. As expected, there are also several regatta events held nearby, including the Bay Cup and the Performance Cup.

Schools In Clear Lake

Exemplary schools for a brighter future

Schools in Clear Lake are managed by the Clear Creek Independent School District. 65% of the district’s schools have been ranked as “exemplary”, the highest ranking that can be given to a school by the Texas Education Agency. In comparison, only 29% of all schools in the state have received this ranking. The rest of the schools in the area received a ranking of “recognized”, the second highest ranking by the agency.

Below is a list of some of the highly ranked schools in the Clear Creek school district:


Primary Schools

Clear Lake City Elementary

Falcon Pass Elementary

Armand Bayou Elementary School

North Pointe Elementary School

Whitcomb Elementary School


Secondary Schools

Clear Lake Intermediate School

Westbrook Intermediate School

Clear Lake High School


Specialty Schools

Clear Lake Montessori School

Montessori School Of Downtown

Armand Bayou Montessori School

Grace Christian Academy


Colleges and Universities

University of Houston – Clear Lake

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